simple multi user git server setup

This is a very simple, yet effective setup for multi user git servers. I'm using file-system permissions for managing users and use ssh for remote access.

  1. get an ssh server up and running.
  2. create a new user for each git repository. (eg. sudo adduser git-my-project)
  3. init git repo

    sudo su git-my-project
    cd --
    git init --bare --shared=group my-project.git
  4. add user to according group

    sudo adduser devuser1 git-my-project
    sudo adduser devuser2 git-my-project
  5. clone repo

    git clone 'ext::ssh -i .../.ssh/id_rsa devuser1@repo.buzzmark.com %S /home/git-my-project/my-project.git'

written by uniq on 2016-08-12