Download FDroid.apk and verify it with GnuPG

I've been asked several times now how one can get a verified copy of F-Droid. So here's a simple step by step explanation.

Please note that F-Droid recommends to install privileged extension. It enables a seamless app installation and update experience. So installing the APK only makes sense when you can't install F-Droid privileged extension.

Start out by getting F-Droids signing key:

gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 802A9799016112346E1FEFF47A029E54DD5DCE7A

Next let's get the apk and signature file:

wget https://f-droid.org/FDroid.apk
wget https://f-droid.org/FDroid.apk.asc

now, lets verify it:

gpg --verify-files FDroid.apk.asc

Great, it's verified now you can use Bluetooth, ADB or whatever to copy/install the APK to your phone.

Of course this is just fetching everything from the internet. So it's essential to really make sure you've fetched the correct key.

written by uniq on 2021-08-12