Disable Gnome 3 file previews

When browsing files in gnome 3 I occasionally hit the space bar by accident. Nautilus the file browser of gnome then tries to display a preview. This is pretty anoying to me for most files already. However when this happens on a video file, the preview feature is totally bugged. It will open a videoplayer which can not be closed again, because every time I close the preview window it will start another one.

It's quite amazing how gnome 3 manages to look good overall, but at the same time add flaws which make using it a genuine pita.

The file preview feature is shipped in a package calle gnome-sushi and I usually fixed my UX by just uninstalling it. On a recent Debian 11 install however removing that package with apt would have also removed gnome alotogether. So I just uninstalled it without touching any dependencies:

sudo dpkg --purge --force-depends gnome-sushi

Sofar it seems to work as expected. I'm not sure if updates will inflict this UX scurge upon me once more.

written by uniq on 2022-10-20