customizing Gnome on Debian 12

Here's an update to my favorite Gnome exteions. This time around on Debian 12 (bookworm) with Gnome 40.

In Gnome settings:

  • Keyboard > View and Customize Settings > Navigation > Switch Applications: disabled
  • Keyboard > View and Customize Settings > Navigation > Swtich Windows: Alt+Tab
  • Multitasking > Application Switching: Include Applications from the current workspace only

Additional Gnome extensions:

  • AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support - IMHO the most important fix all Gnome users need. It adds a status icon area. Some apps I need to use are only accessible through a status icon. (nextcloud, nitrokey app, etc.) I've tried a lot of status icon area extensions over the years. This is the only one which doesn't bug out. Lucky break.
  • Current screen only on windows switcher - does exactly what the name sais. This way alt-tab is less confusing for me.
  • Frippery Move Clock - It's just easier on my eyes, when the clock is not cluttering up the center of my top bar.
  • gTile - This extension allows me to do arrange my windows using keyboard shortcuts instead of having to try hit the edges of windows with the mouse cursor and pull them to the exactly right size.
  • Impatience - Extension for scaling down animation durations. I'm trying to get some work done here. Watching pretty windows fly across the desktop is fun sometimes, but I'd rather navigate quickly.
  • Vitals - So far my favorite system monitor plugin. It's highly customizable and supports monitoring really a lot of things. You could use it to pin your secondary casing fan speed or your wifi chip temperature to gnomes top bar. I've only pinned the most basic things and still numbers it's tracking are 2 clicks away at most. It has proven itself very useful to me time and again.
  • Workspace Matrix - I use a lot of workspaces and prefer a vertical layout. This makes it feasible.

written by uniq on 2023-12-05